W8s  is a London based consultancy specialising  in the parking industry, it has recently added a software development arm to its business that aims to provide high quality solutions that fulfil the needs of its clients, a software house that works with its clients to produce a solution to their problems without  imposing a new regime.

Every system is designed following extensive research into  the clients’ current workflow and their requirements from the new application.  The processes are data mapped and any obvious improvements are discussed with  the client, often saving them significant costs! Only when a work flow has been  agreed is development started and the client is involved each step of the way.

Currently we supply resident parking permit software, e-permits, visitor permit  management software and applications to provide temporary exemptions from local parking restrictions. We provide a full back office facility, if required, where the client authorises an application and we do the rest. The Permit Place, our latest offering, offers a very fast return on investment (ROI)

We can also help with Pay by Phone, Lines and Signs, ANPR,  Staffing, the printed permits etc. All matters parking!  Our current clients include Hospitals, Universities, Local Authorities and Housing Associations etc.